Crystal Intuition Bracelets - 3rd Eye Chakra Diffuser - Amethyst & Basalt


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Third Eye Chakra Diffuser Bracelet - Amethyst 

Handmade with Love - Crystal Bracelet

#Amethyst - The Intuitive Eye #WellnessOil - Lavender

Wear it for aiding in making important decisions.  With an amplified intuition, this Amethyst stone is said to bolster your decision making skills which empower you to trust your gut instinct, which will increase the likelihood of a positive result. Whether you’re tapping into Amethyst to better your business, bring peace into your relationship, break free from your addiction or to get the rest you need each night.

Matching Hoop Diffuser Earrings - $15

Charms start @ $5

Xmas Set including earrings, bracelet and gift box $50

*Send your wrist measurement for a perfect custom fit*