Crystal Compassion Bracelets - Heart Chakra - Nephrite Jade


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Handmade Crystal Compassion Diffuser Bracelet - Heart Chakra - Nephrite Jade - $35 each

(Darker stone in pic is Bloodstone)

Diffuse with Rose Oil for a long lasting loving disposition.

Unisex - Purchase with Pendant for a free gift box (charms +$5)

#Nephrite-Jade is a stone of fidelity, and it will work wonderfully with the heart chakra.  This stone is also very powerful when it comes to healing broken relationships.

It will give you emotional healing and help you deal with grief and loss, with the pain of heartbreak.  This stone will enhance your nurturing nature.  Nephrite-Jade is the stone of dreams. It is believed that whatever this stone touches becomes blessed. It’s also a restorative stone that will cleanse your physical body and clear the toxins that linger in your vibrational fields. This stone will bring wisdom to new situations that you find yourself in. Nephrite-Jade will help you connect to the source of all the great things that you have in your life!