Crystal Connecter Bracelet - Crown Chakra Diffuser = Clear Quartz


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Crystal Connecter Bracelet - Crown Chakra Diffuser = Clear Quartz 

Handmade with Love - Crystal Bracelet $40 - Matching Earrings $15

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#Quartz - The Divine Connector #WellnessOil - Frankincense or Lotus Oil

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Wearing Clear Quartz or using for meditation can help you reach a higher state of consciousness and see the world from a whole new perspective, as you learn to connect with the universe, your higher self and intuition. The crown chakra is our portal to the spiritual world and our own personal connection to everything divine, whether it is angels, spirit guides, our higher self or God.  You will begin to feel more spiritually balanced and connected, as you realise you are part of something greater and begin to understand your purpose, as you connect with the Divine. Clear Quartz can help you when you are during spiritual work as it attracts positive energy and absorbs negativity.