Crystal Therapy - Glass Crystal Ball


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Crystal Ball Photography Prop Meditation Ball Contact Juggling Glass Sphere Display


This crystal ball sphere adds some creativity to your photography; Used as a  photography prop, you will see the potential of photos you can take, making for interesting subject matter and unusual photos. It can be used for wedding, home, office decoration, adding a touch of elegance to the room.  Also great for scrying.


- Color: Transparent white.
- Material: Glass.
- Diameter: 6 cm / 2.4 inch; 5 cm / 2 inch; .
- Explore their more creative side in photography.
- Place perfectly in your office, living room, ect.
- Ideal for photography and great for taking pictures.
- Great for collection of feng shui items, divinations and meditation purposes.
- Would be a great photography prop, and a cool magic prop. Also great items for home and office decoration.